Drawing in public

Drawing at public talk between NEW14 curator Kyla McFarlane with artists Charles Denington, Jelena Teleki and Andrew Hazewinkel, held at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on 19.03.2014.

Drawing from my studio window of the 2014 ANZAC Day march.

Drawing of Melbourne band ‘Legendary Hearts’, performing in Margaret Lawrence Gallery on 03.06.2013.


Drawing of two policemen guarding the Queen.
(26.10.2011, when the Queen came to Melbourne and rode a tram down Swanson Street.)

Drawing at Spicks and Specks

On March 20, 2014, I was in the audience of the ABC music quiz show Spicks And Specks. I was really excited, I’m a huge fan of the show and also I’d never been in a TV studio audience.

During the little breaks between segments I made this drawing.


Despite the “no cameras” rule, here's a quick video of the drawing, filmed as team captain Ella Hooper was singing one her Killing Heidi songs during the end credits.

The guy on guitar is George Kamikawa, he was spicks and specktacular.


David Letter-man drawn on the front of an important letter while in line at the post office.

Acrylic on envelope. 2014.

Self portrait as late night talk show host.
Acrylic and passport photo on envelope. 2014

Drawing of a mans foot at the Monash Gallery of Art

Here's a drawing I did at a public discussion between Bill Henson and Natalie King held at the MGA on 13.10.2011.

This was a tricky drawing to do because it was very quiet and my marker made a really jolting scratchy noise if I drew from right to left. So to avoid drawing attention to myself, I tried to draw every stroke from left to right.

Here’s a drawing I did in Adrian Martin’s lecture “Do I have to draw you a picture?”, hosted by Discipline at Gertrude Contemporary on 23.02.2015.

Anastasia Klose giving a really funny artist talk at the National Gallery of Victoria on 19.03.2014.

Drawing at comedian Hannah Gadsby’s show in Melbourne Town Hall at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, on 15.04.2014.

Afterwards I gave her the drawing, she said “Oh good I see you haven’t drawn my head”, and then we had this photo taken.