Drawing in public

Drawing of a horse at a protest

Drawing at an artist talk between curator Kyla McFarlane with artists Charles Denington, Jelena Teleki and Andrew Hazewinkel,

held at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on 19.03.2014.

Drawing of Melbourne band ‘Legendary Hearts’,

performing in Margaret Lawrence Gallery on 03.06.2013.


Drawing of a mother and child holding hands across the aisle, when the engines turned on the child squeezed the mothers hand tighter and asked “Mummy are we about to blast off now?!”

Someone left a polaroid marked ‘XMAS 1981’ in the Officeworks photocopier,
I made a drawing of it and left them both there together for hopefully the owner to find.

Sunset on the Yarra River and MCG.

People taking photos of the moon above the Yarra River and MCG.

Drawing from the TV audience of ABC music quiz show Spicks and Spicks,

on 03.20.14


Drawing at a Bill Henson artist talk hosted by Natalie King held at the MGA on 13.10.2011.

Drawing in Adrian Martin’s lecture “Do I have to draw you a picture?”, hosted by Discipline at Gertrude Contemporary on 23.02.2015.

Drawing at comedian Hannah Gadsby’s show in Melbourne Town Hall at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, on 15.04.2014.

Afterwards I gave her the drawing, she said “Oh good I see you haven’t drawn my head”, and then we had this photo taken.

Here’s a photo by Richard Avedon from his show on at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

As I was looking at the photo a little boy came up and said “gross!” so I figured I should draw it. The photo was taken in New York on December 30, 1963. It’s of the poets Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky. They’re licking eachothers tongues.

Drawing of Rennie Ellis photograph at the Monash Gallery of Art.

In December, 2011, I snuck into an Eminem concert and did this drawing.