Artist CV


Kenny Pittock

Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia


2013             Bachelor of Fine arts (Honours), Victorian College of the Arts

2010-12        Bachelor of Fine Arts, (Major in Painting), Victorian College of the Arts

2007-8          Diploma of Visual Arts, Swinburne

Solo Exhibitions

2019                 Love Letter to Carlton (50 book sculptures), Readings, Melbourne
                         Every kind of shape, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide

                         Connector Pens Connecting, Mars Gallery, Melbourne

2018                 52 Shopping Lists Written By People Who Need Milk, Bunjil Place Gallery, Victoria

2017                 She smiled at me, Curated by Khai Hori, Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore
2016                 A Series of Self Poor Traits, Galerie Pompom, Sydney

2013                 Just Alright, Third Drawer Down, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2019           Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Woollahra City Council, Sydney
“Art For All” Fairfield Primary School Fundraiser Exhibition, Victoria
Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award, Manningham Gallery, Victoria
Utopian Object, c3 Gallery fundraiser exhibition, Melbourne

                    Self Made,: Zines And Artist Books (Traveling show), Tweed Regional Gallery, NSW
elf Made,: Zines And Artist Books (Traveling show), Toowoomba Regional Gallery, QLD
                    Shit Show. TCB Gallery fundraiser exhibition. Melbourne
Melbourne Comes to Sydney, Home@375 Gallery, Sydney

                    MONA FOMA, Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania


                    c3 Contemporary Artspace Fundraiser exhibition. c3, Melbourne,

                    Dream Thoery #2. Curated by George Adams, Pompom Gallery, Sydney

                    Word. Hugo Michell Gallery. Adelaide.
Self Made: Artist Books and zines, Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, South Australia. (15.09.18-21.10.18)

                   Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Deakin Uni, Burwood, Victoria
                    Firstdraft Fundraiser
. Firstdraft. Sydney
Soft Toy City. Curated by Tegan Iversen. Rubicon Gallery. Melbourne.
Everyday Monuments. Curated by Lisa Byrne, Artspace Realm. Victoria. (2 person exhibition with Carly Fischer)
Suburbia, (Curated by Megan Monte and Josephine Skinner, Cement Fondu, Sydney
Self Made,: Zines And Artist Books (Traveling show), Bunjil Place Gallery, Victoria

                    Cattle and Cane, (Curated by Brigid Hansen), Dirty Dozen
Ink in the blood: The Life of Melbourne’s Newspapers, (Curated by Andrew Stephens), Melbourne Town Hall

2017            c3 Annual Fundraiser Exhibition, c3 Contemporary Artspace, Melbourne
Self made: Zines and Artist Books, (Curated by Monica Syrette), State Library of Victoria 

                    2017 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Sydney
Every Dog Will Have Its Day, (Curated by Sophia Cai and Kathleen Linn), Casula Powerhouse, Sydney
Open House. True Estate Gallery. (Curated by Elvis Richardson and Beau Emmet).
                   Firstdraft Annual fundraiser. Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
Cooked. Group show at Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne

                   You’re my Number 1, (group show curated by Talia Smith), Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney

                   9x5 VCA 150 (Curated by Elizabeth Gower), Margeret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
                   Redlands Konica Minolta Art prize (Curated by Callum Morton), National Art School, Sydney

                   Birds; Flight Paths in Australian Art, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria

2016           Small things, (Curated by Danielle Hakim), Mailbox Art Space, Melbourne

                   Faux Studio, C3 Annual Fundraiser, C3 Contemporary Art space, Melbourne

                   R & M McGivern Art Prize, Artspace at Realm, Victoria.

                   The Union Collection; Recent Acquisitions, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
Lots of nudes, group show at LON Gallery, Melbourne

                   Bruny Island Art Prize, Bruny Island, Tasmania

                   RMIT ESP Fine Art Fundraiser exhibition, Melbourne.
Red ball: The fine art of footy, Red Gallery, Melbourne. (July 20 - August 6)

                   Cornucopia, Shepparton Art Museum, (Curated by Anna Briers), (Feb 28 - May 22)

                  Playful, Melbourne Library, (Curated by Sophia Cai), (April 2 - 29)

                   West Space Fundraiser, West Space Gallery, (April 22-24)

                   Um...titled, Bus Projects, (Curated by Laura Couttie), (Feb 3- 20)

  Faux Fair. C3 Gallery. (Curated by Tai Snaith)
                   The Thing that Feels, Gallerie Pompom, (Curated by Talia Linz), Sydney

                   The Door in the Wall, Blindside Gallery, (Curated by Verity Hayward and Lucie McIntosh)                

                   Visiting Paradise, Artist in Residency exhibition at Cowwarr Art Space

                   So... about that brief (Curated by Catherine Read), George Paton Gallery
                   TCB Art Ic. Fundraiser, TCB Gallery

                   Art As A Verb, (Curated by Charlotte Day, Francis Parker and Patrice Sharkey), Artspace, Sydney

                   Victorian Craft Award, Craft Victoria

                  The things that scared me this morning are over now!, (Curated by Anushia Andrews, Hanann Al Daqqa and Carol Que.) George Paton Gallery
Che Cosa, (Curated by David Capra), Wollongong Art Gallery, N.S.W

                   West Space fundraiser, West Space, Melbourne

                   Future Now, (Curated by Rosemary Forde), Cowwarr Art Space, Gippsland, Victoria

                   Life / Death, (Curated by Sebastian Goldspink), Anna Pappas Gallery
It’s funny, like Ha-ha funny, MCA Artbar, (Curated by Tom Polo), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2014          Art as a verb, (Curated by Charlotte Day, Francis Parker and Patrice Sharkey),

                   Monash University Museum of Art

                   I probably don’t like you, (Curated by Nick Devlin and Fergus Binns), Death Be Kind
                   The Substation Contemporary Art Prize, (Curated by Jessica Bridgfoot), The Substation

                   Future Now, Punctum gallery, Castlemaine, Regional Victoria
  \_(ツ)_/¯ The Second Bus Projects Edition Exhibition, Bus Projects

                    Artist Books (Reprised), George Paton Gallery

                    PICA Salon. (Curated by Nadia Johnson). Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Future Now, The Artery, Warrnambool, Regional Victoria
West Space Fundraiser. West Space
                    Nothing’s Happened Since Yesterday
, Galleria 291.EST, (Curated by Naima Morelli), Rome, Italy

                   Future Now, The Substation
NEW14, (Curated by Kyla McFarlane), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

                    Das Boot Fair, (Curated by Oscar Perry and Esther Stewart), North Melbourne Meat Market
Dummy, (Curated by Made Spencer-Castle and Alice Mathieu), Mailbox Artspace

                    Rooftop Transmissions, Rooftop Cinema (As part of the NGV’s Melbourne Now exhibition)

                   Coming Soon, West Space

2013            New Acquisitions Vol. III, Fort Delta Gallery

                    Honours Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts

                    The Aesthetics of Disengagement, (Curated by Chelsea Hopper), Moana Gallery, Perth
Channels Australian Video Art Festival, Australian Centre for Moving Image.

                   Kenneth Biennale, TCB Art Inc.

                   Kenneth Biennale, Rearview Gallery

                    Third/Fourth. (Curated by Christopher L.G Hill), Margaret Lawrence Gallery
Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
                    Linden Postcard Prize, Linden Gallery

2012            VCA Grad Show, Victorian College of the Arts

                    Henrys Happy Accidents (with Jock Walker and Andy Trelor), Rearview Gallery
My beautiful City,  State Library of Russia, St. Petersburg
                    My Beautiful City, Melbourne Town Hall

                    Kimchi, VCA Student Gallery, (Curated by Kim Donaldson)

         ANYTHING, EVERYTHING AND ONE OTHER THING, Alaska Gallery (Curated by Tom Polo)

                   Funny Games, VCA Student Gallery, (Curated by Anna Higgins)
Newness 2012, Richmond Railway station

2011            Is it straight? George Patton Gallery (Curated by Craig Burgess)

         Tea Towel, Gilligan Grant Gallery

2010             Not another Dot Dot Dot, (Curated by Lisa Radford and Sam George), Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW

                     PROUD, Margaret Lawrence Gallery

          Metro 5 Award, Metro Gallery

          Dot Dot Dot Again, Paleton Gallery, Sydney (Curated by Lisa Radford and Sam George)

          Williamstown Festival Art prize, The Substation

          Paper-Cuts, George Patton Gallery (Curated by Patrice Sharkey)

2009           Dot Dot Dot, Hell Gallery. (Curated by Lisa Radford and Sam George)

2008           Title Goes Here, (Swinburne Diploma of Visual Arts Grad Show), Brunswick Street Gallery

                      Fort Heart presents Nice Box, No Vacancy Gallery

                      Bus: Pass, fundraiser exhibition for Bus Gallery


2019            Deakin University Greenwood Park, Victoria
                    MONA FOMA, Tasmania

Realm Artspace, Victoria

2017           “Murals Wedding”, Monash University car park, Clayton, Melbourne                 
                    ING, Sydney

2014           Third Drawer Down, shopfront window, Prahran, Melbourne

Art Book Fairs

2015              Open Spaces, Abbotsford Convent  
VOLUME Art Book Fair (presented by Perimeter Books and Printed Matter), Artspace, Sydney

Curated Exhibitions
Kenneth Biennale (Co-curated with Amy May Stewart),
                      Held simultaneously at TCB Gallery, Rearview Gallery and Margaret Lawrence Gallery


2019             ABC Radio National (One day)
2018             Deakin University Art Gallery, Burwood, (One week)
    ING, Sydney (One week)

2016             Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. (Two weeks)

                     Melbourne Biennial Lab, (Six weeks. Curated by Natalie King)
2015             Artspace, Sydney. (One week)
National Gallery of Victoria, Friday Nights Artist in Residence. (Six weeks)
                     Jimmy Grants Greek restaurant, Richmond (one week)

                     Cowwarr Art Space, Gipplsand, Regional Victoria. (Two weeks.)


                      City of Melbourne Town Hall collection

                      Monash University Museum of Art collection
                      Melbourne University Union collection

                      Melbourne Biennial Lab collection

                      Deakin University Museum collection

                      ING bank
                      National Library of Australia
                      Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School Library Collection

                      National Art School, Sydney

                      University of Queensland Gallery Collection

Awards / Grants / Things like that

2019           Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Finalist
                    Art4All Fairfield Primary fundraiser, HIghly Commended

Manningham Ceramic Art Award, Finalist

2018             The Art Life emerging artist award, Winner
Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Finalist

2017              NAVA 2017 Australian Artist Grant, recipient
                      Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Finalist                   
                      Redlands Konica Minolta Emerging artist award, Winner

                      Redlands Konica Minolta Viewers Choice Award, Winner

2016              Moreart VicTrack Award, Winner
                      McGivern Painting Prize Peoples Choice Award, Winner

                      The Churchie Award, QUT University, Finalist

                      Bruny Island Painting Prize, Finalist
2015              Selected for the Kings Emerging Writers Program

                      Victorian Craft Award, Craft Victoria, finalist

2014              ArtStart Grant, Australian Council

                      Substation Contemporary Art Prize, finalist
                      Selected for Future Now, Substation traveling exhibition

2013              Meyers Place Mick Pettifer Memorial Award, Winner

                      Linden Postcard Prize, Winner

                      HATCHED, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Finalist

2012           Roger Kemp Memorial Prize, Winner

2010           PROUD VCA Best First Year Artist Award, Winner

           Metro 5 Award, Finalist

           Substation Award, Finalist

Commissioned publication Artist Pages / articles I wrote

2018         Love at First Bite. Commissioned essay about Four’n’Twenty pies for Town Hall, City of Melbourne.

2017        Richard Tipping: Instant History, Art Almanac, April-May issue

2016            Four artist pages in the third issue publication Funny Ha-Ha. Edited by Rebecca Varcoe.

2015          Exhibition essay. “Artist-ficial Intelligence”. Written as part of the Kings Emerging Writers Program to accompany the exhibition “The Machine” by Paul Van Katwijk from 27.11.15 to 19.12.15 at Kings Artist Run Gallery.

                    Exhibition essay. “An exhibition text written in forty minutes and second,” Written as part of the Kings Emerging Writers Program to accompany the exhibition “Disinformation” by David Greenhalgh from 02.10.15 to 24.10.15 at Kings Artist Run Gallery.
“Happy Go Souva-lucky”. Text and drawing piece commissioned by Jimmy Grants restaurants.

                    Exhibition essay. “I’m like a Fleur, I long to ride away.” Written as part of the Kings Emerging Writers Program to accompany the exhibition “Dissociative Dialogues” by Fleur Summers from 07.08.15 - 29.08.15 at Kings Artist Run Gallery,

                    “Kenny the Wacky Artist” comic strip, Funny Ha Ha publication Issue 2, Edited by Rebecca Varcoe
                    “Art, music and friendships. Kenny Pittock interviews Misha Grace”. SPOOK magazine. 15.04.15.

                    “You art what you eat”, Funny Ha Ha publication Issue 1. Edited by Rebecca Varcoe

                    “Out with the old, in with the NEW15”, article on the lead up to NEW15 at ACCA for Three Thousand.

                   Turtle Eclipse of the Art, Sturgeon, Issue three

2014            Mambo: 30 Years of Shelf Indulgence for Three Thousand.

                    Ten minutes with David Shrigley. Interview with David Shrigley for Vogue LIving.

                    Go ahead, make my day-vid Shrigley. Interview with David Shrigley for Three Thousand.
NEW sen-sation: A drawn out day on the train, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art blog
2013            5 Hours, 10 Artworks, Sturgeon, (Commissioned by Artbank), Issue one

2012            Petrol Station, Un Magazine issue 6.2, Artist Page

                    Capsicum Spray, Death of a Scenester, Issue 5, Artist Page

2005            “Graffiti or Vandalism”, article published in magazine UpperGully News when I was aged 16. Page 8.

Teaching / Workshops hosted / Artist Talks

2019     Hosted Drop-By Drawing at National Gallery of Victoria, 29.09.19
Open House Melbourne weekend of talks presenting my work in the town hall collection to the public

             Ten workshops teaching ceramics to Xavier College Year 8 Students
Artist talk at Adelaide Central Arts University

             Taught seven week ceramic and painting workshop with year 11 and 12 VCA Secondary School students.

2018    Video interview for solo exhibition at Bunjil Place

            Artist talk at Bunjil Place. 08.04.18
Two Kids’ Own Publishing Imaginerium book making workshops the Abbotsford Convent (22.01.18)

2017      Blindside art teachers Personal Development Day, studio visit / presentation of my work, 08.04.17
MPavillion MRelay, interviewed by Nayuka Gorrie, intervewing Sue Maslin. 04.02.17

2016       Drawing the Market” Hosted still life drawing workshop for Melbourne Biennial Lab. 23.10.16
Still Life Drawing?” Hosted still life drawing workshop at MPavillion. 22.10.16
And they could never Voltaire us apart” talk at House of Voltaire, Melbourne. Curated by Melissa Loughnan

                Two weeks teaching ceramics, paiting and contemporary art to the year elevens at Victorian College of the Arts

                Secondary School

                2016 Artist mentor for year 12 student at Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School

                Artist talk infront of my solo exhibition at Galerie Pompom, Sydney, 04.05.16

                Hour long “SAM OUT LATE!” artist talk at Shepparton Art Museum. 21.04.16

                Cornucopia at Shepparton. Where Magazine Melbourne. Pg 24. March 2016

               Cornucopia opens at SAM, Shepparton Adviser, p10, 2016

                Sam exhibition- Cornucopia,

                Hosted drawing workshop at Melbourne City Library, in association with Melbourne Youth Week. (16.04.16)
Presentation of my work to first year Visual Art Diploma Students at Swinburne Wantirna (08.03.16)

                Hosted Drop By Drawing student night at National Gallery of Victoria (29.02.16)

                Hosted five day workshop at SIGNAL on drawing and turning drawing to animation. Resulting footage exhibited at Austraian Centre for Moving Image and Sugar Mountain Festival.

                MPavillion Signal Summer Artist Conversation with Dell Stewart and Dylan Martorell, (4.30pm. 20.01.16)

                Hosted National Gallery of Victoria workshop with primary and secondary school teachers about responding to Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei within the classroom. (13.01.16)

                Hosted National Gallery of Victoria workshop with year 11 and 12 students about putting together a folio. (20.01.16)

                Co-hosted weeklong workshop at Signal with artist Dell Stewart for people aged 13-22, focusing on drawing and then converting the drawings to animation. (18.01.16 - 22.01.16)

2015       Hosted Drop By Drawing, National Gallery of Victoria, (2-4pm, 07.11.15)

                Radio interview in studio at 90.7 SYN FM promoting my drop by drawing at NGV Friday Nights on breakfast show Get Cereal, with Nicholas Soraghan, Tess Johnson and Nathan Slachter. 07.10.15      

                Presented an hour and a half presentation of my work to the Photo Imaging class at RMIT Univiersity. (16.09.15)

                Presented an hour and a half presentation of my work to people studying diploma and advanced diploma of art and    illustration at the Chrisholm Institute TAFE, Frankston campus. (05.08.15)

               Presented a presentation of my career post TAFE, representing Swinburne as a past alumni at the 2015 Multimedia Art and Design conference. (30.07.15)

               Imagineering workshop in response to Ryan Gander, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, (25.07.15)

                Mentoring program with year 12 art students at Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School
                Artist talk and ceramic class with year 10 and 11 students from Sale Catholic College, Regional Victoria. (20.04.15)

                Presented an artist talk followed by a pasta making workshop at Wollongong City Art Gallery, NSW. (07.02.15)

       Weekly classes as a sessional tutor, teaching contemporary art history, painting workshops and ceramic     workshops with year 11 and 12‘s at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.
                Hosted ‘
DRAWN AT ACCA”, adult drawing classes at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.
                Asked to create a manifesto and presented a live reading of it at MUMA (Monash University Museum of Art.)

                Presented Artist talks at Swinburne lecture theater for the Industry Design Forum, as well as at the Academia      University in Rome, Italy, the Artery in Warrnambool, Punctum Gallery in Castlemaine, Mailbox Artspace, ACCA (the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) and West Space Gallery.

2013           Artist talk at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art).
                   Artist talk at West Space gallery

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Self portrait as a washed up artist.