Plane drawing


Here’s a video of a drawing I made on a plane and at the end of the flight I gave it to the air hostess. It’s called How to join the Smile High Club.

Here’s a drawing I made on a plane at 8.30am of a man sitting two rows up from me who was drinking bourbon and cola and watching the new Superman movie.

This next drawing is of a woman reading the Steve Jobs memoir.

As I was finishing the drawing my paint marker exploded because of the air pressure on the plane. My hands and pants were soaked in black ink. I’d made a huge mess but I didn’t want to draw attention to it as I was really embarrassed.

Eventually I got the attention of a friendly flight attendant who brought me two whole boxes of alcohol soaked wet wipe things to try to clean myself up with.

Here’s one more drawing, this one I did in May, 2014, on a flight from Melbourne to Doha.

A few hours later the ink had dried and the woman woke up, at which point I gave her the drawing. She seemed grateful and was just really friendly in general. Her name was Monique, she was on her way to England. The woman two seats away from me took this photo of us.

My paint marker exploded on this one as well.

When Monique was getting off the plane I noticed that she’d left behind her neck pillow, when I picked it up to hand it to her about nine hundred million tiny foam balls avalanched out of it. The woman laughed and told me she’d bought the cheapest one she could find and that, much like my paint markers, it hadn’t been able to handle the high altitude air pressure.

The spirit of Australia

Acrylic on paper

21 x 29cm

Here’s a drawing I did plein air, of a plane in the air.

Drawing of a mother and child holding hands across the aisle, when the engines turned on the child squeezed the mothers hand tighter and asked “Mummy are we about to blast off now?!”