Man sleeping in front of a castle in Naples, lying on a footpath using his phone as a pillow.

Throughout history all of the coolest artists have always had a bunch of chicks hanging around their studio.

Me on platform 3, in my platform tee, feeding a potato cake to a seagull.

Self portrait as a washed up artist

I bought 24 different advent calendars, now I get to eat the equivalent of an entire advent calendar every day.

Oh would you look at the time.

I borrowed ten books on Voltare, one of the 18th centuries greatest thinkers, but when I tried to read them I fell asleep. Rest assured my falling asleep had nothing to do with what I’m sure is excellent writing from Voltare, it was just a result of my sleepiness. And yes, I’m wearing an INXS tshirt, but that is only because they will never Voltaire us apart.

Self portrait as an artist washing up