SONG. Titled ‘Nightly News’


On March 18th, 2011, I watched the Channel Ten six o’clock news and wrote this poem;


Nightly News

Cyclone, tsunami, earthquake, salami.

Voting Green, Charlie Sheen, Winning, Winning, Winning.

Bunnings Warehouse, where lowest prices are just the beginning.

Egypt, Libya, 80k’s of radiation,

speculation, Ricky Nixon’s ejaculation

inside of that mentally ill girl, what’s her name again?

Official death toll 16,500. 12 of which are Australian.

Just heat up whatever’s in the fridge.

He threw his kids off the Westgate Bridge.

The southwestern volcano’s due to erupt soon.

Prince William, what’s he up to?

Petrols never been so dear.

Well it has, but not in years.

Sharks have never swum so near.

Headphones that loud will ruin your ears.

The seekers of asylum riot, they set detention centers on fire.

Send in back-up, get more barbed wire.

There’s a pretty good sale on at Myer.

Football full forward drunk again.

Fine with showers, all weekend.

Watch this viral youtube clip;                    

baby smiles, two billion hits.

Duck season. Vodka Cruiser.

Next on Ten; The Biggest Loser.

Here’s a video of the song being performed live at the Highlander Bar, just off Flinders Street

in Melbourne, Australia, on October 4, 2012.

In 2012, Melbourne musician Nelson Walkom turned it into a song and together we

made this video;

In 2013 the song was re-recorded, mastered and included as the fourth track on musician Grayling’s debut album; Crocodiles and Other People.

As well as the songwriting credit I was also invited to do all of the album art;

The song was included in the 2013 CHANNELS Australian Video Art exhibition, presented at ACMI, (the Australian Centre for Moving Image).

It also featured in a 2013 essay by Jared Davis titledVideo Visions, published on pages 8 to 12 of the CHANNELS catalogue. Here is an excerpt;