Drawing at an Eminem concert


I guess there’s a slim shady in all of us.

In February, 2014, Eminem came back to Australia. I went with a friend this time and so I wanted to enjoy the experience with him rather than make a drawing during the concert.

Having said that though I did paint a sculpture during the concert.

It's an acrylic on ceramic sculpture of an m&m. 

Here it is in a bowl of regular m&ms, (it's the red one).

And here's my sculpture of an m&m, with Eminem.

We picked up the sculpture from the kiln on the way to the stadium and I took it into the concert, as well as my paint and brushes, making full use of the jumbo sized pockets of my cargo pants. I bought a beer and used it to wet my brush.

The sold out stadium was so loud, pretty bezerk conditions to be painting in, my mind was racing a thousand 8miles a minute.

Just before Eminem asked the real slim shady to please stand up, (obviously referring to me), here I am doing the finishing touches to the sculpture.

And to rap up this freestyle, the sculpture of the m&m painted in front of Eminem was included amongst my work in NEW14 at ACCA, (the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art).

In December, 2011, I snuck into an Eminem concert and did this drawing.

Hopefully it isn’t too long before I get to go to another Eminem concert, in the meantime though I hear Kanye is coming to Australia soon...