Every year 133 million human babies are born, and in 1988 Kenny Pittock was one of them.

In 2008 Kenny received a scholarship to complete a Diploma of Visual Art at Swinburne.

In 2009 Kenny Pittock died.
(He didn’t really, he just had major spine surgery.
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From 2010 to 2013 Kenny completed a four year Honours degree at the Victorian College of the Arts, and although majoring in painting he works across a large range of mediums including ceramics, drawing, text and photography.

Kenny Pittock uses humor and sentimentality to playfully respond to contemporary Australian culture, having fun with the overlaps and boundaries between the public and the personal.

Kenny is currently working full time from his studio in the Nicholas Building, in Melbourne.

Click on this sentence to read an essay written about his work in 2014 by New Zealand born artist and writer Jess Johnson.

Pittock’s work is featured in many collections including the City of Melbourne State Collection and the Melbourne University Union Collection.

During the last two years Kenny has exhibited his work in many galleries including the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, the Monash University Museum of Art, Artspace in Sydney and Galleria 291 in Rome, Italy.

Pittock says “I’ve been lucky enough to show my art in some pretty amazing exhibitions, but nothing compares to the time I kicked an apple core through a basketball ring from half court using my left foot.”